June 2020 : What a Month!

Tree with Fields in Background

Tree with Fields in Background. Outside Westmoreland, California. 2019.

These last few months have been so strange with a pandemic that has taken such a toll, worldwide. In the last few weeks we have seen worldwide protests against systemic racism, police brutality and the struggle to imagine that black and all lives matter. In some ways I am reluctant to post about my good fortune. And yet I am so grateful and thankful for all the support I continue to receive. Images from my project “Siren Song” are part of the Photoville Fence New England exhibition on display in Winchester, MA, this summer. A photograph from “Siren Song” is included in the PhotoPlace Gallery exhibition Dreamscapes and Visions. Lastly, pictures and text from my project, “This Miracle,” were posted as a small photo essay in the online magazine, Edge of Humanity. This has all been a tremendous honour!


Light. Arandai, Chapada Diamentina, Bahia, Brasil. 2017.

Siren Song : Bronze Winner in the Portfolio Category – Tokyo International Foto Awards

Palm Tree. Salton City, California. 2019.

I am so very pleased to announce that the work for my project Siren Song was awarded Bronze Winner in the Portfolio Category at the 2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards. Here you can see what I submitted.

I thank the jurors so very much! It is truly great encouragement. I also thank Susan Burnstine for all of her support as a mentor. And… how can I not thank the friends I made over the years I have visited the Salton Sea in California’s Imperial Valley. Grazie mille Bill e Tina for making me feel a part of your wonderful family and introducing me to your friends. When I go to the Salton Sea it is like returning home.

Tree and Brush. Westmoreland, California. 2019.

Baughman Road, Westmoreland, California. 2019.

Inside-out. Bombay Beach, California. 2019.

W. Eddins Road. Calipatria, California. 2019.

The Salton Sea Revisited

Telephone Poles. Salton Avenue, Salton City, California. 2019.

Earlier this month I returned to the Salton Sea for the second time this year. When I was there in March I felt, for the first time, that I was almost able to touch the ghosts that I have always perceived in this part of California. Wherever I went, they followed; they were nearly within grasp. This visit I was more grounded but still seemed to step in and out of the real world and the world of dreams and apparitions.

These are a few of the images that came from this trip.

Garvey Rd. Off Route 86 in the Imperial Valley. The Salton Sea, California. 2019.

Buck and Orr Roads. Off Route 86 in the Imperial Valley. The Salton Sea, California. 2019.

Pelican Island Ct. with Santa Rosa Mountains in the background. Salton City, California. 2019.

Avenue A. Westmoreland, California. 2019.

Tree. Kalin Road, Outside Brawley, California. 2019.

Fourth Street. Niland, California. 2019,

Avenue D. Bombay Beach, California. 2019.


The Fence 8th Edition, New England Regional Showcase in Boston, 2020

Siren Song

I am pleased to say that work from my ongoing project, Siren Song (photos taken at the Salton Sea in California), has been chosen for the The Fence: New England Regional Showcase, in Boston in 2020. Here is a link to the site where you can see the work of all eight whose work shall be displayed : https://fence.photoville.com/city/boston/

Unabashedly (almost), I ask you to vote for my work for the People’s Choice Award and thank you in advance. I have to admit, though, that I do not really know how this process works. Is it a matter of who asks the most people to vote or do people simply stumble across this page and then vote? I have no idea. No matter, I’m so very excited that my work will be exposed in such a public venue, next year. It’s quite an honour and I thank jurors Meg Birnbaum, Erin Carey, Karen Davis, Iaritza Menjivar, Elin Spring, and Paula Tognarelli. Thank you SO very much!


The Salton Sea : My Siren Song

Palm Tree. Salton City, California. 2019.

Since December 2015 I have been pursuing my project Siren Song – a body of work that centres on the desert landscape of California’s Salton Sea. Although I have always known that it is the sparseness, the desert’s horizon, the open terrain, and the distant mountains that draw me in, I did not fully recognize what, specifically, called out to me and made me want to keep taking photographs there. The project continuously evolved and, very slowly, revealed itself – culminating in new and different work during last month’s trip. I have been moving steadily toward this but, to my amazement, it has taken seven visits to the area (a total of about 18 weeks) for me to finally figure out what has pulled me back to this environment, over and over again – what has been haunting me throughout.

For me, the area around the Salton Sea has a ghost-like feeling. It is the silence and emptiness, the realness and rawness of place, that lures me there. The streets give the illusory impression of being un-peopled yet generate a strong sense of a corporeal presence – something invisible there has always stared back at me. Although some of the photographs I made, this past visit, are steeped in the here and now most are not quite in the past, present, or the future. What I was seeing has always been there but, in some odd way, this time, this place has facilitated conjuring my own dreams and encountering my own ghosts.

Tree. Salton Sea Beach, California. 2019.

Rain Over the Desert and the Salton Sea. Salton Sea, California. 2019.

Inside-out. Bombay Beach, California. 2019.

Baughman and Forrester Roads, Westmoreland, California. 2019.

Trees. W. Eddins Road. Calipatria, California. 2019.

Tree and Brush. Westmoreland, California. 2019.

Landscape. Outside Westmoreland, California. 2019.

Don Avenue. Salton Sea Beach, California. 2019.