June 2020 : What a Month!

Tree with Fields in Background

Tree with Fields in Background. Outside Westmoreland, California. 2019.

These last few months have been so strange with a pandemic that has taken such a toll, worldwide. In the last few weeks we have seen worldwide protests against systemic racism, police brutality and the struggle to imagine that black and all lives matter. In some ways I am reluctant to post about my good fortune. And yet I am so grateful and thankful for all the support I continue to receive. Images from my project “Siren Song” are part of the Photoville Fence New England exhibition on display in Winchester, MA, this summer. A photograph from “Siren Song” is included in the PhotoPlace Gallery exhibition Dreamscapes and Visions. Lastly, pictures and text from my project, “This Miracle,” were posted as a small photo essay in the online magazine, Edge of Humanity. This has all been a tremendous honour!


Light. Arandai, Chapada Diamentina, Bahia, Brasil. 2017.

6 thoughts on “June 2020 : What a Month!

    1. Tamar Granovsky Post author

      the only place i’m going is montreal (and i am here, now, in montreal). but thank you! you are so very sweet. one day i may even get back to israel!!!! that will be wonderful.

  1. .Natalie

    It’s great that you are getting support and recognition for your talent and hard work. Congratulations!!


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