Self Portrait. Rockport, Maine.

Self Portrait. Rockport, Maine.

I am a photographer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. Born in Israel, I spent my childhood and young adult years in Canada. Having received an MFA degree from the University of Calgary, in 1990, I worked in mixed media sculpture installation and, later, printmaking. I grew up with a father who always seemed to carry a camera by his side but never did I imagine that I, myself, would become serious about photography after the age of 50. Yet, after leaving the visual arts for two decades I came back to it, full time, with a love for photography inspired by my passion for travel.

Perhaps part of the reason I am so taken with photography is that the medium is a voyeuristic one; I am a voyeur at heart. Photographs permit us entrance to other worlds. Returning to a finite number of places again and again allows me to delve more deeply, follow my own connection with the subject, and attempt to understand what goes on beneath the surface. I try to capture small truths in my photographs, with the aim of drawing a visual map of the place and people. Currently, I am working on projects in the Salton Sea, in California, and Bahia Province, in Brasil. China captivates me and I hope to work on a project, there, one day.


Contact: sbandtg@gmail.com

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      hello — it has been tough going these past 24 weeks but i was fortunate enough to spend these weeks in week-long 4/hrs/day one-on-one classes. i had one month of burn out in the middle which was, essentially, wasted time. what can you do? but i can also say that as a beginner, it is beginning to come together. if i had one more month…. in either case, if you did not spend your time learning the language then it is not easy to catch on. i have met people at my school who have worked in the country for various periods of time and realised that since they were not using chinese for their jobs they were not growing language-wise and decided that they had to take lessons seriously, and away from work. speaking goes with hard work and is certainly not for everyone; nor can everyone take the time to do what i have done.


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