Self Portrait. Rockport, Maine.

Self Portrait. Rockport, Maine.

ABOUT : Tamar Granovsky is a Boston-based photographer. In 2018 she was named LensCulture’s Top 50 Emerging Talents. She has been included in various juried group exhibitions including the 5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona, Photography Now 2017, at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, and the 22nd Juried Show: Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition at the Griffin Museum. Prior to her career as a photographer Tamar had several solo and group exhibitions in mixed media sculpture installation, in Canada, and was a recipient of a Canada Council Exploration Program Grant. For fifteen years, Tamar worked as the Archivist Head at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Her great love for photography is inspired by her passion for travel.

Contact: tamar@tamargranovsky.com

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      hello — it has been tough going these past 24 weeks but i was fortunate enough to spend these weeks in week-long 4/hrs/day one-on-one classes. i had one month of burn out in the middle which was, essentially, wasted time. what can you do? but i can also say that as a beginner, it is beginning to come together. if i had one more month…. in either case, if you did not spend your time learning the language then it is not easy to catch on. i have met people at my school who have worked in the country for various periods of time and realised that since they were not using chinese for their jobs they were not growing language-wise and decided that they had to take lessons seriously, and away from work. speaking goes with hard work and is certainly not for everyone; nor can everyone take the time to do what i have done.


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