Dr. StrangeBlog; Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying (Ha!) and Love my Website



Having both a blog and website allows me to put my images together so that I may develop and heighten my work, one photograph at a time. With the blog, I typically have just taken the photographs not long before. Posting them (with text for augmentation), provides an almost-instant gratification as well as a chance to show off and receive immediate feedback. By contrast, my website is a long term investment – a repository for some of the pieces I am most proud.

Over the last month I have spent much time analyzing the projects (books and websites) of other photographers, trying to understand what they have done to structure their images in progression. These past ten days or so, I have been re-developing my website. Looking at photographs I took over a year or two ago (many not looked at in that period of time) has made me see the work in a new light and has given me the distance to be more critical and objective. At the same time I found a few over-looked treasures. In re-doing my website I have come to realise that sequencing is something of an art – in which intuition plays a role. Each photograph has to stand on its own yet also work as part of the whole so that there is a rhythm or flow (so connections are made from one image to another).

So much for the blog and onto the website: tamargranovsky.com


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