Beach Views: The Salton Sea


Niland Boat Launch, Salton Sea, California

Salt Creek Beach, Salton Sea Recreation Area, California

Off Route 111, Salton Sea, California

Salton Beach, California

Salton Beach, California

Bombay Beach, California

Red Hill Marina, Salton Sea, California

Bombay Beach, California

Desert Shores, California

Off Route 111, Salton Sea, California

8 thoughts on “Beach Views: The Salton Sea

  1. Michelle Chan

    Nice. I particularly like the one with a dead fish, and the one taken at Bombay Beach.

    1. Tamar Granovsky Post author

      thank you. there are lots of dead fish, unfortunately. the “sea” is shrinking due to rising temperatures and a decrease of agricultural run-off that was the lake’s primary source for water (this water is being moved to urban areas like san diego). the run-off that has and continues to flow into the lake is full of pesticides, fertilizers, and salt. the latter has made the water’s salinity rise so high that there was a massive fish die-off and they continue to die. of course this is only one issue… the dust from the dry lake bed is a complete health hazard (the air quality is beyond atrocious). and then there is the issue of migratory birds… it goes on and on and solutions to mitigate these problems have not really been found.


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