Revisiting the Hanjin Lisbon Container Ship through Photographs

Cargo Ship, Life Boat

Hanjin Lisbon Container Ship, Life Boat

It has been more than eight months since I stepped off the container ship, that transported me to Hong Kong, en route to China. Time has passed and so much has happened since that journey. For one thing, I lived in a foreign city for six months where I learned a new language; I can now speak and understand Chinese. Well… a little, anyway.

Now I am back home in my own neighbourhood, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I have been surprised to discover that a number of new buildings and restaurants have popped up in my absence. It seems to have happened so fast; there were only holes in the ground when I left. It appears that time and life keep moving on.

This has prompted me, in the last few postings since my return, to reflect on the months that have gone by. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, my long journey began on a container ship. Here is a link to the blog posting covering my three weeks on that ship.

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