China Seen Through the Eyes of a Venture Capitalist

A friend read and forwarded a blog posting about China to me. It was written by a venture capitalist in the health care industry. She wondered if this person’s interpretation of China might have a slightly different slant than that of an artist. It turns out the article was of great interest and written clearly (i.e., not in business-speak so that I could enjoy it!!). I pass it on to you: VC Road Trip Across China.

And to round out the above posting… a blog entry from China Change: What does it mean for the world, for the US, and for us as individuals to have an authoritarian China, with the world’s biggest economy soon and 1/5 of the world population, that rejects universal values?

2 thoughts on “China Seen Through the Eyes of a Venture Capitalist

  1. daktari164

    Thanks for sharing, Tamara. Its an interesting view, very ‘American’, very positive and optimistic. Definitely one side of reality. I am rather cautious with enthusiasm about economic growth (actually glad with the 0.8% the German economy is growing right now and doing pretty well). Looking at the reality of social justice and social inequalities, I believe economic growth must go along with growing and well-distributed social standards across society and economic partner countries. I am impressed about the Chinese progress, economically, ecologically, but I believe there is so much more work to be done and I wish, our Chinese friends would not only look at Silicon Valley, but also at countries implementing responsible economic and social growth. What do I mean: There was a woman in a school in Kunming, that used to work for years, every day 12 and more hours. When her mother got seriously sick and she had to care for her, for some weeks, she lost her job. Today, she can’t even pay her phone bill any more, and in statistical and real terms, she has been sliding into the poverty trap. Responsible economic growth does not go without social protection.
    I know China is working on these issues. And I have much trust in the ability of the Chinese people to succeed. But they will have to look for supporting innovative experts in the field of social protection, not just for the Silicon Valley innovators.

    1. sbandtg Post author

      hello — thank you, yet again, for your insightful responses. in fact, i “just” added to a link to another site that deals with social issues in china, before seeing your comment. take a look again. i felt that social issues needed to be addressed. the blog “China Change” is a very interesting one.


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