Outside My Door


Outside My Home

No Bird on the Wires (or in the birdhouse)

I have been in quite an artistic funk of late. I am at a crossroad and do not know where I am heading so cannot figure out the route I need to take to get there. I only know that I am ready to move forward. I look at the photographic work of others and it seems they have a purpose. As they do – I, too, want to produce images that are beautiful, emotional, have power, and touch people deeply. It is the way I feel about the world and life. Such intangibles.

Then I remind myself that there is a wealth of interesting life all around me – right outside my door. Nothing is insignificant.  The ordinary is what I must keep my eyes and heart open to.  My intention is to really see. My intention is to connect to the world.  Perhaps then I will find the latent core of what surrounds me or, at the very least, get a glimpse of understanding. If I head out there with the purpose of capturing images that can have an emotional impact then I will likely not succeed. I tend to forget that I work best on instinct. If I second-guess myself I end up less receptive to the everyday, to mysteries and questions. This process will take years of hard, ongoing, work, time, and patience. I am just at the beginning. And yet, and yet… I hope to never quite get there so that I may continue to discover the world.

Outside My Home

Playground Slide

Outside My Home

Broadway Street

Outside My Home


Outside My Home


Outside My Home




8 thoughts on “Outside My Door

  1. buntymcc

    Abstract, indeed. But as you said: “Nothing is insignificant. The ordinary is what I must keep my eyes and heart open to.” I love the inside of the slide, I can see my grandkids’ bum prints in it.


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