It’s All a Blur

Rockport, Maine


Many people associate movement in photography with fast moving subjects. But movement or blur, with intention, of slower or still subjects can turn out brilliant. I believe a photographer must be able to control her/his photographs. When I take a portrait I always focus on the eyes of my subject. When doing street photography, however, I do not have control over people’s action so I concentrate on framing the shot first for composition and then decide whether I want to use the camera as a tool to stop the movement or to emphasize it. Visualizing the potential of the scene/frame is key to getting all the elements in place as I shoot. To emphasize motion I set the camera on a low shutter speed and take shots so that the longer exposure time captures the moving subject. On and off I have played with this “style” of blur and the quirks related to it. Using a technique to obscure can add a painterly aspect to a photograph. It can also bring about an intangible or elusive feeling- whether it is frank or “natural” photographs or creating a more abstract feel of a place and time. Which may reflect my view on life… mysterious and abstract…. unfathomable.

Diner, Florida


Skateboarder, Maine


Xingping, Guangxi Province, China


Camden, Maine


Street Scene, Maine


Outside my Home

Outside my Home



8 thoughts on “It’s All a Blur

  1. Lori

    These are great shots: I especially like the cook in his hole in the dinner and the Chinese man pushing his bike. Super.

  2. rsheffer

    Interesting.Never thought about it since I am not a photographer.But the bike man pic is super.The others make me feel a bit uncomfortable,I can’t focus,so I feel a bit disoriented and as if my contacts have fallen out.The sky is great as it makes me feel calm as if I am drifting.And yes,I know I haven’t blogged since we came back.I am still horribly in limbo…


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